What do you do with your 3 hours and 51 minutes each day?


How much time do you *really* spend working per week?

Google today introduced an “addition” (also being referred in snarky fashion by some bloogers as “addiction”) to their service that reports “account activity” usage to users. 

Hmm.  That means I can now track just how obsessive-compulsive I am being about work.   But I love my work!  What's the problem?

How much time do you think you spend “at work” or online doing “work” things per week?

Would you be surprised to know that the average Google user has this type of graph? 

At work:  23 Hours on Google apps

At Home:  62 Hours on Google apps

Out:   83 Hours (presumably not on Google apps)

How do you compare??   Are you "always" plugged-in and checking work-related email and texts?  

Ok let’s break that down:

7 days at 8 hours of sleep is 56 of those “Out” hours, meaning that all but 27 of your waking hours are on Google’s apps.  An average of 231 minutes or something around 3.8 hours per day.  I suppose this means that you are “on” during meals, drive time etc.  Do your friends and family sometimes get annoyed because your "best friend" seems to be  your phone or tablet?  

Have you ever checked email during a family dinner? During a child's performance?  

If you only had 3 hours and 51 minutes to do "X" each day, what would be on your list?

Check your email?  Better check your priorities.

How would your employer react if you went online during a meeting to check your child's school Website - just to take a peek at their chorus rehearsal?  Never going to happen, right?  So what's the difference?

What does this mean to WorkersCount and our community?  It means that we had better be enjoying the work we do.   Because if Google (and your employer) has their way we will be performing more and more of our “work” in their cloud.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing.  But if these baseline stats hold, we see in this startling chart that we are spending all but 3.8 hours of our waking time there.  So we need to figure out how to say "no" to 24/7 work connection.  Even if we love our work.  

Is your "best friend" disposable?

So much for “personal time.”  Of course we all do “personal” things on gmail, docs, G+, hangout rooms, photos etc.  And yes it does include time wasting on YouTube... which is becoming more and more of a substitute or supplement for many consumers -especially Millennials- for TV.

So in summary you could use your brain to consider this mystery:

Or this one:

You pick.

Thanks Brad Goldpaint @goldpaintphotography

How does your work boost your passions and give you energy?

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