Weekend = personal time (?) Well it should!

Weekend goodness and a couple of fun thought-exercises...

Welcome to Personal Time, the WorkersCount blog! 

If you are like most people, you need a break once in a while during your busy day.  We will try to make these short breaks a good use of your “personal time.”  Please share these posts if you enjoy them, make comments and use them to start great conversations!

This weekend we kick-off a series about being happy at work and why it should matter to workers (and bosses).  If you are both a worker and a boss, well then, you get a double-dose of thought-provoking goodness. 

We are also launching our “burning question” campaign.  We’re collecting (that’s “crowd-sourcing” for all the social and technical gurus out there) great questions that workers –at all levels- want to know.  These can be “obvious” questions that just don’t get asked (for whatever reason) or sensitive questions that you’d like to ask, but can’t – due to political or other reasons in your workplace.

Not to worry!  WorkersCount will ask them and your peers at thousands of companies (including yours) will help get them safely answered!

So happy reading and we look forward to hearing your “burning questions” so we can share them and soon ask them.

How to suggest a “burning question”

a)     Find our Facebook wall.  Post the question.  Like others’ questions. Share with friends.

b)     Write us a confidential email with your suggestions to:  burningq@workerscount.com 

That’s it.

Now on to our regularly scheduled blog posts.

Your friends at WorkersCount.