Privacy & TOS

This is where we tell you that we will respect your privacy.  We do not share any personally identifiable information with others.  Ever.  We promise not to spam you.  We may on occasion share annonymized information about our members with partners in order to present carefully selected offers, promostions and rewards that will be relevant and matter to our community.

At no time will your votes, sentiment or other information be disclosed anywhere in the community or to the public.  If you create a company comparison or track a specific set of insights, you may elect to share that ongoing comparison with the community.  Others may be able to "subscribe" to this insight.  At no time will any of your votes regarding these companies be publicly tracked or attributable to you.

WorkersCount does not work for your company.  Therefore, although we hope companies will pay attention to what the overall community has to say, we do not answer to them.  Thus, your sentiment and votes are not individually visible to them.  All they can see is what anyone else in the public can see. Subscribers to one of our premium membership tiers may be able to view a bit more detail, and perhaps fancier graphs, but will still be unable to attribute any votes or sentiment to any particular WorkersCount member.

Here is our privacy policy in all of its glory.

And here is our TOS Terms of Service.  We thank the lawyers for making this ridiculously long.