Jobs. Friends. Interns. Hangers-on.

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"

Well, we take exception with that.  We're adding "work with great people, and you forget it's work."

WorkersCount is a passionate band of experienced software, social media, geo-loco and social-loco, mobile and start-up geeks.

We love dogs, cookies, coffee, pizza, chinese food, beach parties, pot-luck, home-made candy (did we say we love food?) and most of all, happy people.

Happiness is contagious, especially at work (see one of our blog posts about that).  

If you are a happy person and would like to join us in helping millions of others find their passion and happiness "fit" at work, and in life, find one of us, drop us a line, reach out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or just find one of us wearing one of those tee shirts.

write to us and share our story with friends who should be here!

Here are the areas we need top talent to amplify our amazing team:

-Java programmers with mobile experience and HTML5 chops

-Native App developers for iOs, Windows, Android, Blackberry, TV apps

-GeoLoco mapping superstars, with experience in Augmented Reality and real-time mapping

-Big Data warriors, with experience in cloud database work and data marts /BI platforms

-Graphics gods, with expertise in mobile UX refinement, infographics and BI dashboard work

-Marketers who understand social, mobile, loco and the various platforms that drive them.


If you don't fit that box.  No worries.  We don't like boxes anyway.  We love breaking boxes.

Smart, energetic, self-driven and fun-to-be-around people wanting to learn about all of this stuff:

Learn with us:


-Trade show volunteers and guerilla street-marketers

-UX testers to break our stuff


And we make a pretty tasty cookie.