It’s easy to change lives. Just check-in daily and spread the word.

What's amazing about WorkersCount is the power each of us has to help drive a better work environment.

Yet we don't realize how simple it is for us to make that influence and power felt.

The workplace is an important part of our lives.  If we're happy at work, we carry that home.  We make more money.  We get promoted and advance.  We're happy people.  Better parents.  Better spouses.  Better human beings.  

If we are not happy at work, we bring that back home as well.  It's impossible to make separations.

Our leaders in industry know this, and want us to be happy, motivated, engaged and psyched to be at work at their companies.  For all the right "human being" reasons.  And also to help them drive better company financial performance.  This makes a lot of common sense.

Yet the tools, systems, and even measurement processes fail them.  It's not that they don't try.  It's that the measurements are flawed.  For example-- would you check your bank accounts just once or twice a year?  Would you check the gas in your tank every 3 months?  Would you look to re-stock your refrigerator once a year?

This sounds absurd and comical.  Yet that's exactly what most of our leaders are doing when it comes to checking-in on their workforce.  Once per year, and in a perfect world, once per Quarter is as good as it gets.  We appreciate and applaud their efforts, but it's too little and too far in-between.

You can change this.  And many of you are already changing this.  Checking-in daily at WorkersCount is as simple as looking at your smartphone or laptop for 30 seconds.  Getting the word to your friends at your company and at other companies is as simple as making a comment using the built-in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter post inside the WorkersCount app.

Getting "critical mass" at more companies each week, WorkersCount is rapidly becoming the daily standard for workers at all levels to make their voices heard, and for leaders to listen and respond.

WorkersCount is now being used by hundreds of companies, including major healthcare organizations to help drive better workplaces, better business and medical outcomes and more engaged, happy people, customers, patients and workers.  

Corporate Amercia, medium-sized businesses and even small companies are using WorkersCount to compare their experiences with others in similar industries, roles and backgrounds.  This information is being used by company leaders, group supervisors and business owners to help them understand how to create great workplaces and get their companies from "good to great" places to work.

There's a war for talent happening these days, as we slowly climb out of tough economic times. The great people will migrate to the best companies and best working groups.  Smart companies want to listen.  Smart workers want to be heard, and drive better workplaces.  It all makes sense.

WorkersCount is the simple yet powerful way to provide daily and consistent feedback to ensure that this happens for all of us.

Please continue to tell your co-workers and everyone in your life about WorkersCount.  It helps everyone.

Remember to go to  and check-in every day.  It's free, secure and safe.  All data is anonymized.   It's a way for workers at all levels to provide daily feedback and help drive a better workplace.

That's it! 

Keep up the great work, and thanks for being a WorkersCount member.  You are helping all of us make history, and change lives.

 What do you think?