Are Your Accomplishments Recognized?

Today's question of the day:   "My accomplishments are recognized"

Do you receive recognition for great work?  Even if it's "expected" that you will do great things and produce top quality work, break sales or production records, or produce incredible projects, it still helps to get that recognition, doesn't it?  

Some old-school leaders used to say "hard work is its own reward." What do we make of that today?  We think it's just silly, selfish and mean-spirited.  Some managers and leaders are reluctant to give too much praise and recognition.  They subscribe to the out-dated idea that everyone can't get the trophy and the "A+" grade.  

Or can they?  In today's world, it should be possible for the entire team to receive hearty recognition for work well done.  There is no zero-sum game.  Is it possible for the whole team to win a trophy? Of course!  

So when you see someone do great work and accomplish great things, take a moment and recognize them in front of others.  They may protest, but deep-down they're flattered and happy for the recognition.  It will make you feel good too.  And that's a nice bonus.

What happens in your office or company?  Do workers receive recognition for great accomplishments?

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