5% of workers would give up their spouses in exchange for telecommuting

Do you ever work from home?  From the local Peets or Starbucks or even from the beach?  Where is "the office" to you?

 How important is flexibility in the workplace?  

Apparently it matters a lot!  

Here's what an independent study found they would give up in exchange for telecommuting privileges and a few comments about what that may mean about our society, our priorities, and of course, our Work, and what the "workplace" means in the new millennium.

We hope you have fun with this.  Tell us what you think it all means!

What workers are willing to give up in exchange for telecommuting:


Some of us think this would make the world a better place anyway.


Sorry, bad trade.  Can't give that one up.


Again, might make the world a more friendly place, but sadly we won't trade that one either.


Possibly.  But this author is not the shopping type.  Except maybe at a consumer electronics store.  We'll hold judgement on this one pending input from our WorkersCount community!

A raise:

I'd take the raise.  Just saying.

Half of their vacation days:

I never use all of my vacation days, so this is a good trade for me.

Daily showers:

Perhaps the people who give up daily showers should stay at home.

Their spouse:

Not me.  I'm a sucker for a great date, and a later-in-life dad.  Can't give up the spouse and would not want to.  But I respect the idea.


What would you give up?

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