Tell us what you do to alleviate stress in your office!


Does it often seem like time is in just two modes--- either passing so quickly that you can’t possibly keep up with deadlines and projects….or inching so slowly that each minute seems like an hour (meetings, anyone?)….

The biggest source of stress in the workplace is related to time.  Time management on the part of the manager or on the part of the person doing the bulk of the work.  Often it's nobody's "fault" - a situation just comes up.  And everyone has to scramble. 

And the pressure mounts and stresses people out, right?  Of course!

So what happens when we get stressed-out?   We lose focus, we make mistakes, we get cranky. 

What do experts tell us to do?  Yes, get into that zen-like place.   Sure.  But what about in “real life?” 

Those same experts have some more practical tips as well.  Get up from your desk.  Take a brisk walk around the office.  Leave the building .  Use the stairs if you have them.  Move to decaffeinated coffee.  Turn off email and turn off your phone for a while. 

When you’re back into your project, go “off the grid” for a  block of time, say 30 minutes.  No incoming email, no phone calls.  Just you and your projects.

Engineers call this “maker mode” and it is a great way to cut the stressors out of your pressure-filled day.    One way to “hide” from interruptions is to borrow a colleague’s office if they are gone (with permission).  Since it’s now Spring, take advantage of the gorgeous day and sit outside on a bench or on the grass and work for a while if you can. 

Find a friend and take a nice walk together around the building to clear your head.

College professors have it all figured out.  They can work “outside the office” on a beautiful green lawn and still get just as much work done. 

So find your “zen” place – in the office or outside.  And take a breather, unplug and move around a bit when the stress gets to be too much. 

Tell us what you do to alleviate stress in your office!  

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